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Set a casual tablesetting by inviting  nature (LOTS of fern!!) to the table and using our  Nymphea white dinnerware & Altea/Helios ivory flatware 
Change the mood of your tablescapes by switching flatware - white or black 
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Kassie Faherty at Michael Aram
August 14, 2020
The Cherry Blossom Collection is inspired by the liveliness and vitality of the Japanese flower as it blossoms each Spring.
Embodying the ideals of renewal, Michael is captivated by the intricate nature of the flower and the symbolism that it holds. Representing fragility and the beauty of life, the Cherry Blossom Collection combines soft, muted pink tones with golden brass and white marble to add a delicacy that exhibits the pure beauty of nature. 

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White & blue dishes, colorful or 2 tones linens, flatware become playful. CONTY white or blue that is the question!!!
Limoges white porcelain for everyday and every meal, use the white pristine china as a canvas for your cooking creation and please do not forget to share
Jason Solarek picture
April 15, 2020 • 06:46 PM
Jason at Bridge:

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